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Meet the Team - Who We Are

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Dakota R. Hoskins
Sales and Support
Dakota specializes in customer service and has extensive experience in sales. These skills, combined with over a decade of experience working with computers and websites, allow him to effectively communicate between tech-savvy developers and clients.
Stephen Connell
Senior Developer
Stephen has more than 15 years experience developing web based and e-commerce related solutions. He has designed and built Internet applications including our CMSBrokerage/Real Estate MLS System and many of our other systems. He specializes in developing creative solutions for consumer-driven enterprises. Before founding Netguava, Stephen developed web systems for a large local bank.
Fran Arant
Fran has more than 10 years of experience building websites and web based applications. He is passionate about programming and finding practical applications for the most modern software technologies.
Ryan Taylor
Programming websites is Ryan's specialty and passion. A lifetime of computer experience enables him to skillfully develop diverse websites, gracefully combining the latest in art and technology.
Meet Netguava

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Create dazzling content in an easy-to-use 'Word' like content editor. You can add pictures, format text, and even edit the HTML if desired. You can edit every aspect of your website content, easily.

Fix big mistakes

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"With the netguava content management system I can manage my website on my terms and on my schedule"
Christina W.
Business Owner

"I would like your staff to accept my sincere appreciation for the services you provide.  With your help I have been able to create what I have been told and believe to be true, the best Real Estate website.  Without your help this wouldn't have been possible and it has indeed had a positive impact on my business."
Eric L.